LFNF - Vinon-sur-Verdon

Microsoft Flight Simulator 


The airfield of Vinon-sur-Verdon is located in the heart 

of the Provence between the departments of the Var and 

Alpes de Haute-Provence.

It is a very nice and dynamic airfield, home 

to numerous associations dedicated to different 

aeronautical activities:


-Piloting school (Glider pilot certificate, private pilot licence...).

-aerobatic flights.

-initiation in mountain flight.

-Touristic flights and introductory flights, first flights.

-Training in competition for sporting events.


Its geographical position makes it the starting point for 

very nice flights over the Alps, the Provence or the French

Riviera !


This scenery was made from photos taken on site, for maximum realism.

Buildings, surfaces, textures and objects have been created and 

worked to best transcribe the atmosphere of this airfield.



Require : Microsoft Flight Simulator 



VAC Aerodrome
VAC Aerodrome

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