LFMD Cannes-Mandelieu 2

Important  - Fix 2.51



This patch fixes a shadows bug (large shaded areas) in Prepar3D V5 when the "Lighting" "Shadows" "Simulation objects" graphics option is activated.







Important - Version 2.50



This new version brings corrections and improvements to our scene, in particular its compatibility with Prepar3D V5.


You can download the patch below. But we strongly advise you to do a new installation. For this, if you bought the scenery:

  • here on our site, you should have received a message with the link to the latest full version (Otherwise, contact us).
  • On Simmarket, we invite you to download the new version directly to your account


Version 2.50 for LFMD2 Cannes Mandelieu.


  • Compatibility Prepar3D V5.
  • Addition of seasonal vegetation on FSX et P3D.  
  • Addition of dynamic lights on Prepar3D V4 et V5.
  • Révision of the SODE nomenclature.








From the complete file (Advised)


1- Delete all the LFMD references in the following folders:

  • C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects et C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml
  • Your installation\Addon Scenery
  • LMT Simulation at the root of your installation

2 - Launch the installer




From the patch


Installation of the scenery on Prepar3D V5 via the patch :


  • Install Version V2.02 on Prepar3D V5 (by Choosing Prepar3D V4 then replacing the installation directory with that of Prepar3D V5).
  • Apply the patch below.




New sound effect for the helicopter



Contains a new effect, attenuated, for the helipoter engine




Save the original file by renaming it with .BAK extension, for exemple.

unzip and copy into the root folder of your installation, overwrite 

New AI Trafic



Increase the original AI traffic (All versions) 





Votre_Installation ...\Addon Scenery\LFMD Cannes LMT\Scenery

Save the original file by renaming it with the extension .BAK for exemple

then, unzip and copy it.



Scenery installation for Users of LFMD 1

Users of the first version :


Before installing this one, delete all the traces of the previous one : 

  • In the "Addon Scenery" folder : delete the folders LFMD Cannes, LFMD Cannes ZAC and LFMD Cannes Excl.
  • In the root folder of your installation : delete the folder "LMT Simulation" .
All users :
Then proceed to the installation of Cannes-Mandelieu LFMD 2
Declare the 4 sceneries : LFMD Cannes LMT, LFMD Cannes LMT ZAC, LFMD Cannes LMT Excl and LFMD Cannes LMT Stat in the following order and in high priority (top of the list) :
1- LFMD Cannes LMT Stat
2- LFMD Cannes LMT ZAC
3- LFMD Cannes LMT
4- LFMD Cannes LMT Excl
Important : the installation will have created in the root folder of P3D or FSX a new folder named
"LMT Simulation". It contains:
- The documentation (use of the scenery  and officlal maps)
- The necessary files for use the scenery with SODE and/or FranceVFR PACA VFR Vol.1
Uninstall the scenery :
Simply launch the Uninstall_LFMD.exe file in the root folder of P3D ou FSX.