LFNF Vinon

Important - Version 1.50



This new version brings corrections and improvements to our scene, in particular its compatibility with Prepar3D V5.


You can download the patch below. But we strongly advise you to make a new installation. For this, if you bought the scenerie :

  • here on our site, you should have received a message with the link to the latest full version (Otherwise, contact us).
  • On Simmarket, we invite you to download the new version directly to your account.


Version 1.50 for LFNF Vinon sur Verdon.


  • Compatibility Prepar3D V5.
  • Revision of the nomenclature SODE









From the complete file (Advised)


1- Delete all the LFNF references in the following folders:

  • C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects et C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml
  • Your installation\Addon Scenery
  • LMT Simulation at the root of your installation

2 - Launch the installer



From the patch


Installation of the scenerie on Prepar3D V5 via the patch : 

  • Install Version V1.021 on Prepar3D V5 (by Choosing Prepar3D V4 then replacing the installation directory with that of Prepar3D V5).
  • Apply the patch below.




Important - Correctif




Minor fix for LFNF Vinon-sur-Verdon (Until 1.021)


Crash in Prepar3D on contact with 3D Grass and some third-party aircrafts addons (DR400 Aerosoft ...)

Simply copy/paste and overwrite the file named 3DGrass.bgl in :

...:\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\LFNF Vinon LMT\Scenery


Important - LFNF




Patch 1.021 for LFNF Vinon-sur-Verdon 1.02 !


• Minor fixes: Correct the efftects "Taxis Lights" and fixed a problem that caused the incorrect installation of SODE files


Important - LFNF




Version 1.02 pour LFNF Vinon-sur-Verdon !


• Added the turnaround area (south).
• Improvement of the quality of volumetric grass (Prepar3D in particular).
• Improvement of the quality of animated vehicles..
• Added a spring texture printemps (green wheat fields).
• Uniformization of the organization of the LMT Simulation sceneries.
• Simplification of the scenery into only one folder
• Added compatibility FSX-Steam Edition, Prepar3DV4.


This update requires a complete reinstallation of the scenery. The procedure is indicated in the documentations.
An email was sent to you, with the download link if you had an earlier version.
This is the link to the new full version of the scenery.
In case you have not received it, send me a message with the date of purchase of the scene. I will send it back to you

Important - LFNF



Patch 1.01 for the V1.00 of LFNF Vinon-sur-Verdon

- New refueling station
- Compatibility patch for FranceVFR PACA VFR Vol.2